Enabling secure & seamless communications with analytics between devices over IOTA tangle

AI & Machine Learning

Our neuroscience and engineering team use neural network expertise to developlearning and predictive technology algorithms. These have a range of applicationsincluding anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and natural language processing.We always find our AI programmes deliver invaluable efficiencies for our partners andtheir organisations.

Data Science & Analytics

Our data scientists at Code Pan provide innovative statistics experience. Experts in thefull tool kit of 21st century statistical modelling – we make fast work of any data set. Wesimplify data to deliver real insight fast and set up automated analysis platforms totame big data. Employing our data science expertise facilitates transformationalchanges in your business.

Web & Mobile Development

We are also pros at swiftly nailing the toughest web and mobile builds.

We are highly experienced at taking any concept and technically delivering it to market fast. With mobile apps and full stack web development we use agile dev methods to rapidly get

your product from paper to go live. Prioritising your feature set to launch quickly, get your platform running and your team iterating.