Senior AI / Data Engineer (f/m/d)

Who we are

Codepan – founded in 2014 – is a profitable & bootstrapped AI Innovation Hub in Berlin. Our team of passionate data scientists, engineers, and technologists applies state-of-the-art machine learning to solve real-world problems for clients as well as to incubate and accelerate our own AI product ideas; spinning out the best and brightest as new ventures!
Among those ideas is our AI Operating System (AiOS) – a central framework for the design, deployment, and management of AI Applications enabling organizations to implement ML applications in a fast, high-quality, and scalable manner

What you’ll do

Codepan is dedicated to revolutionizing AI applications in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) space with our innovative MLOps platform, the AiOS. AiOS simplifies the journey from data ingestion to continuous learning, encompassing data preprocessing, model building, API service, and batch processing. Our diverse model portfolio ranges from basic statistical models like random forests to advanced LLMs.
We are hiring a Senior Data and AI Engineer to join our team at Codepan. In this role, you will maintain our data infrastructure, freeing up our data scientists to focus on their core strengths.
You will be responsible for developing scalable and generalized data processing solutions, while also implementing software development best practices to refactor projects and optimize functionality.
As a Senior AI & Data Engineer, you will lead projects from start to finish, mentor team members, and ensure seamless integration with cloud architecture.
If you have a strong background in data engineering, coding skills, and a passion for driving innovation, we would love to hear from you!

Your Profile 

Core Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: You have a proven background in Python. Additional proficiency in languages such as Java, Scala, Go, and Rust will be highly advantageous.
  • Machine Learning Libraries: You have demonstrated extensive hands-on experience with open-source ML libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, sci-kit-learn, numpy, pandas, and more.
  • Database Expertise: You’re well-versed in working with a variety of database technologies, including PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB, among others.
  • API and Data Pipelines: You’re adept at defining API specifications and constructing robust data pipelines.
  • Data Processing: You’re proficient in managing Restful APIs and libraries such as FastAPI, and have a strong understanding of event-driven architecture using Kafka, RabbitMQ, or similar.
  • Containerization: You have experience with container technologies such as Docker.
  • Impact and Value Creation: You have experience in developing and deploying ML models for various applications, with a strong track record of delivering successful AI solutions.

Work Environment Proficiency

  • MLOps Knowledge: You are well-versed with ML operations technologies and their roles in managing the machine learning lifecycle.
  • Communication Skills: You’re proficient in explaining complex technical concepts to a variety of audiences including our clients, promoting understanding and collaboration within the team and beyond.
  • Cloud Platforms: Experience with major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or GCP is highly beneficial.
  • Infrastructure Knowledge: You are comfortable navigating modern infrastructure ecosystems like Kubernetes, terraform, and Github actions, with the ability to work independently in these environments.

General Requirements

    • At least 5 years of professional experience working in an agile tech team
    • Language Skills: Proficient written and spoken English language skills are required. Knowledge of German is a plus.
    • Location & Visa: You must possess a working visa for the EU, and be willing to relocate to Berlin (we operate on a hybrid working model).

What we offer

How we work, collaborate, and recharge

We think that collaborating in a diverse and psychologically safe environment is the prerequisite for fruitful and innovative work. We celebrate a culture built on learning, passion as well as trust, and integrity. We pride ourselves on working together with industry leaders and experts with whom we create sustainable solutions for people & organizations.

To juggle daily life, we enjoy a flexible hybrid setup with a beautiful waterfront office in a repurposed warehouse in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Among others, you may also enjoy to

    • Thrive with free access to Udemy and German language classes
    • Treat yourself well with our Calm & Urban Sports Club subscription and
    • Relax with up to 31 days off/vacation


If you like to augment humans with smart algorithms and create technologies that co-exist and enhance, rather than replace, humans – we’d love to hear from you e.g. via [email protected]

Everyone is Welcome

At Codepan, we thrive on diversity. Whatever your background, what you look like, where you come from, or where you’re going – we’d be glad to have you along for the journey.