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Our mission is to grow your AI and Machine Learning projects by developing a solution uniquely tailored to your business needs and workflows. If you’re looking for a customized component integrated with your systems, or an end to end product with Backend and UI, you can rely on Codepan to augment your AI capabilities.



From print to digital documents and databases, our AI-powered solution learns from every extraction to get smarter with time. By analyzing countless documents and extrapolating only the relevant information for each use case, Codepan more efficiently streamlines text-based processes and relieves users from repetitive tasks.

Discover ReLoA, an AI-powered document processing solution that promises to help UK-based financial advisory firms and practices reimagine critical workflows with automation.

Infrastructure Deployment

The foundation for data pipelines, Machine Learning development, deployment and continuous learning. Helps manage the full lifecycle, up/downscale on demand in multi cloud environments. Reduce infrastructure set up times from weeks to hours through automation and modularisation.

Data Engineering

Design to contextualise data at scale by collecting, storing and analysing it across multiple applications. Pre-processing the data and integrating it to one layer enables continuously learning data pipelines

Ready to use ML models

Configured in multiple ways to satisfy a range of digital document processing scenarios, including deployed on cloud, or on premise embedded into your system and trained on your specific data to avoid bias.

Transform workflows with LLMs

By creating apps and agents that empower your employees to make better decisions, faster.

Bespoke AI applications

Available for production with speed, efficiency and scale. Our applications are specific to your domain, helping you get the most out of your Machine Learning systems.

Solutions powered by our ready to use MACHINE LEARNING Models 








Solutions powered by our
ready to use MACHINE

Case Studies


Complex data mappings drain developer resources, resulting in lengthy import cycles.


Automate the creation of a single source of truth for your data through a customized UI and dashboard that enables even non-technical users to easily import high quality data from any ERP system into any downstream system. Simply connect with the input data source, define the desired output schema, and automatically map, validate and clean all customer data.


Lack of a centralised database for solution developments across the network.


Leverage Semantic Search to simplify the information finding process by directly searching rather than manually combing through historical data. The solution goes beyond lexical matching, suggesting possible matches based on the query’s underlying meaning and intent. This enables users to quickly query, retrieve, and navigate through information, shortening search time by at least 80%, which leads to faster project delivery with reduced costs.


Compliance processes are often managed with extensive check lists that are excessively time consuming.


Our Machine Learning models automatically search through unstructured company text and documents, such as reports or invoices, to identify all relevant data to meet the checklist whilst inspecting for discrepancies. The automated process significantly improves the quality of the review, at a fraction of the time, while reducing the likelihood of error to a minimum.


Virtual Assistants based on general purpose public LLM models like OpenAI APIs deliver answers that are increasingly out of context, and raises serious IP and GDPR compliance issues due to data provisioning to 3rd parties.


Codepan empowers an AI based Virtual Assistant through customised versions of pre-trained open source LLM models retrained on company specific documents and data, enabling full control on the data access, governance and privacy compliance. This further opens the door for customisation and innovation across the board, without having to depend on 3rd parties business models or development schedule.

Our solutions have benefits across the board:


Join us in shaping the future through AI!

Your Career at Codepan

We are a passionate team of scientists, engineers, software geeks and data enthusiasts who collectively fuel the creation of game-changing solutions that solve real-life problems for organizations, society and the planet. Our mission is to augment human intelligence with algorithms that empower us to make smarter decisions faster and ultimately improve the world we live in. If you are seeking a unique challenge in data science and AI with a team that helps you to grow, then you will love working with us.

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Achieving Excellence

We consistently take pride in our work of crafting intelligent
solutions that understand and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Driving Innovation

We look beyond the horizon and explore
innovative ideas and technologies to
develop game-changing solutions.

by Curiosity

We are fueled by curiosity, and enjoy the freedom to ideate and create what excites us.

Thriving Together

We foster true collaboration and harness our collective
intelligence, leadership and unique abilities to thrive together.


We listen and communicate openly, honor our commitments and act with integrity in all that we do.
I moved to Berlin from the US almost a year ago to work for Codepan, and I am quite grateful for making this leap! Since joining Codepan, I have been a part of globally impactful projects and have met so many incredible, unique people while doing so. As Codepan's Product Manager, I get to work with a team of highly skilled and very kind individuals that teach me something new every day. From deploying cutting edge machine learning technology, to building a smart office in our spare time, every week presents something new, challenging, and exciting. Most of all, I have come to really appreciate the entire team's desire to learn from one another and grow as one.
Max Shafer, Product Manager
I have only worked at Codepan for 3 months now but I am really enjoying the friendly and open atmosphere in the team. It is a great pleasure for me to work with such professional, competent and knowledgeable colleagues who focus on results. Codepan really cares about the well-being of its employees by allowing flexible working hours, a very good life -work balance, and at the same time, opportunity for career growth and professional challenges.
Olga Yakovleva, Finance & Operations Manager
It's been a fantastic experience working for Codepan. From day one, I have been involved in fascinating projects that have helped me develop my skills. The company fosters an environment of clear communication throughout all hierarchical levels and the constructive feedback ensures me that I’m always on the right track. My colleagues are not only enjoyable to be around but are also talented professionals who are always available when called upon.
Gosia Adamczyk, Data Scientist
I started working with Codepan over a year ago in the People & Culture Team and honestly it has been one of the most rewarding journeys. I have had the opportunity to work in various different areas allowing me to not only develop my current skills to a higher level but also acquire new skills and knowledge in the process! What I love most about working with Codepan is the amazing team and individuals I have had the privilege to collaborate with, knowing there is always a helping hand or open ear for advice and feedback.
Jessica Fraser, People & Culture Working Student
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“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”

At Codepan, we achieve excellence through our collective intelligence fueled by our unique qualities and abilities. We believe that our diversity in origins, backgrounds and views sparks authenticity, creativity, and innovation. This is why we create an inclusive, respectful and equitable workplace with a culture of belonging.